Good for 1,000 miles

As I sit here the night before introducing the world to the meaning of Create Dope Humans, I wonder if I have the ability to properly express what this brand truly means to me. Using your uniqueness to make the people around you better.  Often times our inward being may not fully reflect what we outwardly express and that can be frustrating for the sender of the message as well as the receiver. Nonetheless I write with the mindset to continuously sharpen my messaging as time goes on.          

            The many opinions that I’ve heard and data that I’ve collected from friends, associates and sometimes complete strangers is that “everybody is selling t-shirts” when expressing my ideas even in the most casual and vague demeanor possible This is the phrase that I’m often met with. But why? Why would I share that? I know sometimes people are critical. And I know people’s opinion can be a direct contradiction to the thoughts that have grown roots and settled deeply in both my conscience and sub-conscience mind. Don’t they know this isn’t just us selling shirts? Don’t they know that it’s deeper than that? There has been a fair amount of people whom I have shared this message with that gave me a nod in agreement or some sort of casual sign of approval. As I look in hindsight, I believe I was searching for that 1 special YES!!.

          Some would call it validation, and I would be inclined to agree. In a glumly sky of grey storm clouds, I was in search of a bright sun perfectly peeking over the top of a white cloud. I didn’t need just anyone to say “oh yea. That sounds cool” that’s a bit too casual. I needed that one person that would appear to understand my objective no matter how clumsy or awkwardly the concept spewed out through my lips. I needed someone that was going to be intentional with their messaging toward me. Someone that could outwardly express to me that they inwardly believed in my message. And I needed them to be on fire for it!

           All of a sudden.. BOOM! They got it; they received the message in a way that I had not experienced before. And they were able to express it. More importantly, I was able to receive their message. Bring on all the challenges! Bring on the long nights! Whatever you got! I’m ready.

          I believe I needed that spark... that validation that somebody gets it! It’s sounds crazy that I needed that exact circumstance in order to have the confidence to pull the trigger. But it’s also crazy how that one person was able to stand out with their one YES in a sky of no’s, maybe’s and I guess so’s. Simply because they were intentional with their message towards me. And that’s it, that unique ability to connect and motivate someone and make them better. That’s the concept. That one person that took the time to sort through my raw thoughts, mediocre vocabulary, and possibly horrible delivery gave me confidence, reason and validation. Even if only for a moment they connected with my message and later thought it to be trivial. When they crossed paths with me, they took responsibility for their purpose in my life at that literal moment.

They gave me enough gas... enough fire to go for 1,000 miles. As you read this, you may not know who it is but someone is at mile 999 and rapidly approaching you. they may need a bit more gas, in the form of motivation, courage or whatever. As you cross paths with that person, know that they need you to deliver to them something in only a way you can deliver it.

When you cross paths with this person, use your uniqueness, be intentional and Create Dope Humans.

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